The Lexus CT 200h marks the introduction of the first, and only, full hybrid vehicle to the core of the premium compact segment.

Lexus' first ever compact, five-door car, the Lexus CT 200h full hybrid hatchback is a new gateway to Lexus. It introduces the company's unique synthesis of quality, sophistication and high technology to the premium compact segment for the first time, and will bring a younger group of customers to the brand.

Specifically designed and developed with the European market in mind, the new Lexus CT 200h's size, packaging, full hybrid technology and ultra-low emissions perfectly meet the requirements of a young, highly discerning, environmentallyconscientious customer base. Yet it offers no compromise on the refinement and driving pleasure which hallmark the progressive luxury inherent in every Lexus.

A quiet revolution, the new CT 200h represents the synthesis of five key Lexus attributes which offer customers an unprecedented experience in premium compact motoring: Lexus Hybrid Drive and its tailored Energy Management System; a unique driving character; the dynamic yet elegant styling inherent in the latest realisation of Lexus' L-finesse design philosophy; Lexus' unrivalled manufacturing quality and attention to detail; and the renowned customer service which lies at the heart of the Lexus ownership experience.

The CT 200h's Lexus Hybrid Drive system has been developed in accordance with an extremely rigorous set of development standards. These unique standards include more than 500 items that set strict guidelines for raising every aspect of the dynamic and environmental performance of the new full hybrid to unprecedented levels. 2011 Lexus CT 200h 2011 Lexus CT 200h

Known as Lexus MUSTs they also set NVH standards to achieve the levels of quietness and durability expected of the Lexus brand, and even apply to static factors such as the appearance, tactile quality, sound quality, and the performance and sensitivity of controls.

With a new platform incorporating numerous, exclusively developed body, chassis and Lexus Hybrid Drive powertrain control system engineering applications, the Lexus CT 200h has been designed to offer drivers a segmentunique choice of Dynamic and Relaxing driving moods. Combining the lowest possible centre of gravity with a high-rigidity bodyshell, a unique lateral performance damper system and new double wishbone rear suspension, the new full hybrid driving experience is characterised by high speed stability, smooth, precise handling, rewarding agility and the ride comfort expected of any Lexus.

The dynamic driving experience is further reinforced with a highly focused driver's environment. While offering a uniquely efficient, elegant and spacious cabin design, the Lexus CT 200h also features a low, ergonomically ideal driving position.

Marrying refined elegance to sporting dynamism, the Lexus CT 200h is a new embodiment of the Lexus L-finesse design philosophy. With a powerful new Lexus frontal design, sweeping lines which mimic the natural flow of wind over and around the bodywork and a purposeful, wide track stance, the new full hybrid is the perfect expression of compact precision and power.

The Lexus CT 200h is built at Toyota Motor Kyushu where, in 2008, the Kokura plant started operations as the world's first factory dedicated to hybrid unit production. The plant maintains the highest possible standards of manufacturing quality through the high-level fusion of innovative production technology and the skills of Lexus master craftsmen.

Quality, legendary customer service and the finest dealer network in the industry have always represented the bedrock of the Lexus brand. These remarkable standards of customer care are best reflected in Lexus' unprecedented achievements in thenumerous awards received worldwide since the brand was launched in 1990.

The compact segment became the largest in the European premium market in 2009, as a result of the increased demand for smaller, more fuel and CO2 efficient cars which, nonetheless, offer high degrees of refinement and driving pleasure. The compact segment is the strategic entry point into the premium market, with young customers representing the majority of premium compact purchasers.

Commercially available for order from November 2010, the Lexus CT 200h will be priced to compete at the heart of the segment. Pricing is expected to begin from less than 30,000 Euros in France. Worldwide prices will vary due to specification differences and local market factors.

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