The following keys are provided with the vehicle.

1. Electronic keys

1. Electronic keys
Operating the smart access system with push-button start.

Operating the wireless remote control function.

2. Mechanical keys.

3. Key number plate.

4. Card key (electronic key) (if equipped).

Operating the smart access system with push-button start.

The card key comes with an information card that includes instructions for use. Lexus recommends that you carry the
information card with the card key.

Using the mechanical key

To take out the mechanical key:

To take out the mechanical key: Electronic keys: Slide the release lever and take the key out.

Card key: Press the lock release button and take the key out.

If the key cannot be inserted in a lock cylinder, turn it over and reattempt to insert it. Mechanical keys with grooves on one side can be inserted in one direction only.

After using the mechanical key, store it in the electronic key. Carry the mechanical key together with the electronic key. If the electronic key battery is depleted or the entry function does not operate properly, you will need the mechanical key.

Card key

The mechanical key that is stored inside the card key should be used only if a
problem arises, such as when the key does not operate properly.

If it is difficult to take out the mechanical key, press down the lock release button
using a pen tip etc. If it is still difficult to pull it out, use a coin etc.

To store the mechanical key in the card

To store the mechanical key in the card key, insert it while pressing the lock release button.

If the battery cover is not installed and

If the battery cover is not installed and the battery falls out or if the battery was removed because the key got wet, reinstall the battery with the positive terminal facing the Lexus emblem.

The card key is not waterproof.

When required to leave the vehicles key with a parking attendant

Lock the glove box as circumstances demand.

Remove the mechanical key for your own use and provide the attendant with the electronic key only.

Key number plate

Keep the plate in a safe place such as your wallet, not in the vehicle. In the event that
a mechanical key is lost, a new key can be made at your Lexus dealer using the key
number plate.

When riding in an aircraft

When bringing an electronic key onto an aircraft, make sure you do not press any
buttons on the electronic key while inside the aircraft cabin. If you are carrying an
electronic key in your bag etc., ensure that the buttons are not likely to be pressed
accidentally. Pressing a button may cause the electronic key to emit radio waves that could interfere with the operation of the aircraft.

To prevent key damage
Observe the following:
Do not drop the keys, subject them to strong shocks or bend them.

Do not expose the keys to high temperatures for a long period of time.

Do not get the keys wet or wash them in an ultrasonic washer etc.

Do not attach metallic or magnetic materials to the keys or place the keys close to
such materials.

Do not disassemble the keys.

Do not attach a sticker or anything else to the surface of the electronic key.

Do not place the keys near objects that produce magnetic fields, such as TVs, audio systems, glass top ranges, or medical electrical equipment, such as low-frequency
therapy equipment.

Carrying the electronic key on your person Carry the electronic key 3.9 in. (10 cm) or more away from electric appliances that
are turned on. Radio waves emitted from electric appliances within 3.9 in. (10 cm)
of the electronic key may interfere with the key, causing the key to not function

In case of a smart access system with push-button start malfunction or other keyrelated
Take your vehicle with all the electronic keys provided with your vehicle, including
the card key, to your Lexus dealer.

When a vehicle key is lost If the key remains lost, the risk of vehicle theft increases significantly. Visit your
Lexus dealer immediately with all remaining electronic keys and the card key that
was provided with your vehicle.

Precautions for handling the card key Do not apply excess force when inserting the mechanical key into the card key.

Doing so may damage the card key.

If the battery or card key terminals get wet, the battery may corrode.

If the key is dropped into water, or if drinking water etc. is spilled on the key,
immediately remove the battery cover and wipe the battery and terminals. (To remove the battery cover, lightly grasp and pull it.) If the battery is corroded, have
your Lexus dealer replace the battery.

Do not crush the battery cover or use a screwdriver to remove the battery cover.

Forcibly removing the battery cover may bend or damage the key.

If the battery cover is frequently removed, the battery cover may become loose.

When installing the battery, make sure to check the direction of the battery.

Installing the battery in the wrong direction may cause the battery to deplete rapidly.

The surface of the card key may be damaged, or its coating may peel off in the following situations:
The card key is carried together with hard objects, such as coins and keys.

The card key is scraped with a sharp object, such as the tip of a mechanical pencil.

The surface of the card key is wiped with thinner or benzene.

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