Hybrid system

Your vehicle is a hybrid vehicle. It has characteristics different from conventional
vehicles. Be sure you are closely familiar with the characteristics of your vehicle, and operate with care.

The hybrid system combines the use of a gasoline engine and an electric motor (traction motor) according to driving conditions, improving fuel efficiency
and reducing exhaust emissions.

1. Gasoline engine.

1. Gasoline engine.

2. Front electric motor (Traction motor).

3. Rear electric motor (Traction motor)*.

*: AWD models only.

When stopped/during start-off

The gasoline engine stops when the vehicle is stopped. During startoff, the electric motor (traction motor) drives the vehicle. At slow speeds or when traveling down a gentle slope, the engine is stopped and the motor is used.

During normal driving

The gasoline engine is predominantly used. The electric motor (traction motor) charges the hybrid battery as necessary.

When accelerating sharply

The power of the hybrid battery (traction battery) is added to that of the gasoline engine via the electric motor (traction motor).

When braking (regenerative braking)

The electric motor (traction motor) charges the hybrid battery (traction battery).

Regenerative braking

In the following situations, kinetic energy is converted to electric energy and deceleration
force can be obtained in conjunction with the recharging of the hybrid battery (traction battery).

The accelerator pedal is released.

The brake pedal is depressed with the shift lever in D or S.

Conditions in which the gasoline engine may not stop

The gasoline engine starts and stops automatically. However, it may not stop automatically
in the following conditions: During gasoline engine warm-up.

During hybrid battery (traction battery) charging.

When the temperature of the hybrid battery (traction battery) is high or low.

When the heater is switched on.

Charging the battery

l As the gasoline engine charges the hybrid battery (traction battery), the battery
does not need to be charged from an outside source. However, if the vehicle is left parked for a long time the hybrid battery will slowly discharge. For this reason,
be sure to drive the vehicle at least once every few months for at least 30 minutes. If the hybrid battery becomes fully discharged and you are unable to jump-start the vehicle with the 12-volt battery, contact your Lexus dealer.

If the shift lever is in N, the hybrid battery (traction battery) will not be charged.

Always put the shift lever in P when the vehicle is stopped. When driving in heavy traffic, operate the vehicle with the shift lever in D or S to avoid discharging
the battery.

After the 12-volt battery has discharged or has been changed or removed

The gasoline engine may not stop even if the vehicle is running on the hybrid battery
(traction battery). If this continues for a few days, contact your Lexus dealer.

Sounds and vibrations specific to a hybrid vehicle

There may be no engine sounds or vibration even though the vehicle is able to move. Always shift the shift lever to P when parked.

The following sounds or vibrations may occur when the hybrid system is operating,
and are not a malfunction: Motor sounds may be heard from the engine compartment.

Sounds may be heard from the hybrid battery (traction battery) under the rear seat when the hybrid system starts or stops.

Sounds from the hybrid system may be heard when the back door is open.

Sounds may be heard from the hybrid transmission when the engine is started or stopped, or while the engine is idling.

Engine sounds may be heard when accelerating sharply.

Sounds may be heard due to regenerative braking when the brake pedal is depressed and accelerator is loosened.

Vibration may be felt when the gasoline engine starts or stops.

Cooling fan sounds may be heard from the air intake vents under the rear seat.

Maintenance, repair, recycling, and disposal

Contact your Lexus dealer regarding maintenance, repair, recycling and disposal.

Do not dispose of the vehicle yourself.

Take care when handling the hybrid system, as it contains a high voltage system (about 650V at maximum) as well as parts that become extremely hot when the hybrid system is operating. Obey the caution labels attached to the vehicle.

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